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Website Package Examples

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“I love what you’ve created!”

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“I love the website! You nailed it!”

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“I’m so glad I used your service and did not do this on my own. Hands down — this was a fabulous decision! 100% worth the investment.”


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“You can’t go wrong working with Vanessa. She’ll help you reach your goals.

Dr Paul Rosenberg webdesign by Vanessa Emerson

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“Highly professional, smart, patient.  I am pleased to refer.”


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“I can’t say enough good about Vanessa’a marketing programs and services.”

Bill Simon website

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Vanessa has the experience, knowledge and resources to ensure a high quality product.”

rick garofolo dental speaking site

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“The customized materials that Vanessa designed for us have been very well received.”

Website for Dr Sam Low

“One of the best decisions of my professional career.”

Janet Hagerman website

“You captured the absolute essence of my message!  Thanks for helping me BLOOM!”



Speaker Packet Examples







Speaker Packets: Multiple Industry Audiences

Lisa Marie Samaha — Total Body Wellness
Dental Audiences
Medical Audiences
Lay Public Audiences



What Clients Are Saying…


“Vanessa’s ability to demonstrate my skills in a concise, professional and esthetically pleasing manner is the best I have seen in the business. When you work with Vanessa, you get much more than a speaker package. She provides guidance and industry insight. The quality and content of the marketing package exceeded my expectations. I am booking more events and I have Vanessa to thank! She is a joy to work with. I can’t recommend her services enough!”

Christine Taxin Speaker, Author, Consultant


“Vanessa has the experience, knowledge and resources needed to ensure the creation of a high quality product. She has a special ability to lead and advance a project with a hands-on or hands-off approach, depending on her clients’ preferences. Her accessibility and follow up are beyond compare. Vanessa’s passion for her work, commitment to her clients’ success and amiability make her an invaluable business partner.”

William Simon, DMD Speaker, Consultant


“Vanessa and her team created an email campaign as part of our marketing project in which she designed my speaker packet and website. After the second email blast went out, I received five calls and booked 3 events totaling over $20,000 in honorariums. The customized materials that Vanessa designed for us have been very well received. I am also proud to be a Premier member of d.d.s. I can’t imagine how long it would take to present myself to that many meeting planners without her. I look forward to many more successful years working with Vanessa and her team.”

Rick Garofolo Speaker, Consultant


“At first I was apprehensive pursuing a website as it may be perceived as ‘self serving’. Vanessa was able to identify my inner core and express it with a professional campaign that is above my most critical expectations. This was one of the best decisions of my professional career.”

Samuel B. Low, DDS Speaker, Consultant



“Thank you for crafting a thoroughly professional “speaker package” to proffer my services to meeting planners everywhere! And I am now wonderfully represented by an interactive website that invites viewers to learn more about my programs. Engaging your team to advance my speaking career was the best decision I’ve made in years!

Wayne Kerr, DDS
Speaker, Consultant


“I am ecstatic with the design of my website and speaker’s packet. My clients compliment my website and refer their friends to it. What I enjoyed the most about working with your team is that I always felt my ideas were listened to and your implementation of those concepts was the essence I couldn’t quite communicate.  I look forward to a lifetime of working together!”

Dana Moss
Speaker, Consultant


“I could not be happier with my new marketing materials.   And my new website exceeded my expectations!  You totally captured the absolute essence of my message.  You are a joy to work with and produce amazing results. Thanks for helping me BLOOM!  To anyone considering working with you, I would say run don’t walk.”

Janet Hagerman, RDH, BSDH
Speaker, Author, Consultant


“Vanessa and her team guided me through the entire process of creating a website and speaker’s packet that is professional and me all at the same time. I am thrilled with the results and can’t say enough about their dedication to getting it right! Thank you Vanessa!”

Lisa Marie Spradley, FAADOM
Speaker, Consultant

“Vanessa, I can’t thank you enough for your and your team’s awesome work.  It really was a pleasure.  You’ve taken what looked like a mountain to me and made it an ant hill, and a lifted a burden from my shoulders.  Your vision, your ability to capture mine, your integrity and level of service are all outstanding.  My only regret is that I didn’t do this with you earlier!”

Joan Garbo Speaker, Author, Consultant


“I love my new dental speaker marketing packet! You did a fabulous job with helping me focus, simplify, and condense my multiple presentation offerings into a more clearly defined “lane”. Because of our work together, I now have a new logo, new branding, new photos, new speaker packet and… will soon have a new website, too! Thank you for being my partner in helping me to re-emerge!”

Cindy Ishimoto Speaker, Author, Consultant


“Vanessa has the unique ability to help you sort through your plans and goals and bring those objectives to action. Brainstorming with Vanessa helped me clarify not only what my services and programs offered to my clients in order to craft a marketing message, but she also helped me clarify how I wanted my business to benefit myself, my family, and my clients. Vanessa is excellent at seeing the “big picture” and helping make it obtainable in actionable activities. After you finish working with Vanessa, your clients will be able to value your message in a more significant way, and you will as well. Don’t pause, ruminate, or hesitate. Call her. Move forward.”

Lorraine Guth Speaker, Author, Consultant

“It is such a pleasure working with Vanessa. I was so impressed by her ability to capture what I do and put it into such a professional, concise, easy to read format. She is truly instrumental in bringing my speaking career to a new level. I am so proud to share my speaking packets with meeting planners, she has made me look so professional. Thank you, Vanessa.”

Terri Bradley Speaker, Author, Consultant


“Thank you, Vanessa, for helping me create this very important dental speaker marketing piece. You were creative, honest and directed me wisely. The packet has remained a part of me, which I love and appreciate most about your help. I felt like you really got inside my head and my heart which is a unique quality when helping someone you hardly know create something that could be hard to put on paper. You kept my ideas and married everything to the website. Not only do I love the Speaker Packet but feel like I have a complete circle now for DentalKarma as a business.”

Pam Menaker, FAADOM Speaker,Consultant, Author


“I have been working with Vanessa for over 8 months. Vanessa has helped me develop my speakers packet, email campaign and provided coaching on how to market myself as a speaker. I cannot say enough great things about Vanessa – she is amazing! She is a true professional with such a caring and giving nature. Vanessa has put me years ahead with her coaching and guidance.”

Heidi Arndt, RDH, BSDH Speaker, Coach

“The quality and content of the package Vanessa created exceeded my expectations. The results make me look like a celebrity speaker and have really helped grab the meeting planner’s attention! V goes above and beyond her end of the relationship and has all the attributes of a true professional helper. I highly recommend her services.”

Don Reid, DDS, FICOI
Clinician, Speaker, Author