Performance Anxiety: Tips for Stage Fright

Posted by on Sep 23, 2017 in Just Ask V

CP from Nebraska writes:

“I’ve participated with Toastmasters, and that has helped my stage fright. But when I get in front of a large dental audience, I have a hard time keeping my concentration. Do you have any tips to combat stage fright?”


Dear CP,

I’ve asked presentations skills/content development expert and author of Just Because You’re an Expert, Doesn’t Make You Interesting, Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP of Homoly Communications to share his thoughts on this subject:

Paul writes: The #1 question up-and-coming speakers ask me is, “How can I get more comfortable in front of audiences?” This 5 minute video will give you the “secret” to offering the best version of yourself without the burdens of anxiety and self-consciousness..


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