Developing Your Dental Consulting Program; ADA’s Dental Practice Success, Winter 2016

“Looking to Give Back to Dentistry?” ADA’s Dental Practice Success, Fall 2015

Top Three Tips for Becoming a Dental Speaker or Consultant; Dental Products Report, Practice Management, Jan 13, 2016





Effective communication

Effective Communication with Meeting Planners

Do you make it easy for meeting planners to do their job? Are you comfortable quoting (and negotiating) your honorarium? Interested in creating sponsorship relationships?

Many speakers feel they don’t know how best to communicate with meeting planners. Vanessa Emerson, Founder of Directory of Dental Speakers, will share strategies for verbal and written communications, as well as speaker marketing efforts, that are sure to get you noticed, booked… and compensated! Also covered: how best to set – and when/how to negotiate – honorarium; how to find and work with sponsors; speaker agreements and deposits.

There’s no need to float adrift on your speaking career journey. With effective communication, planners will be eager to be a part of your crew.

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Compelling course descriptions

Crafting Compelling Course Descriptions

One purpose of a Speaker Marketing Packet is to summarize the speaker’s presentation offerings: course descriptions. Another purpose is to GET BOOKED. Learn tips for doing both. For the best chance at being invited to speak for your target audiences, ensure that your course descriptions:

– Are compelling – clearly illuminate the ‘need’
– Demonstrate how you bring a unique and timely solution to address that need
– Establish you as an expert
– Clearly state how your programs differentiate

Listen in to this interactive teleseminar in which we will learn the steps for crafting a compelling course description. We will rewrite an attendee’s course description together! Then apply the tools and principles that Vanessa will share to rework (or start from scratch to create) your own descriptions.

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How to get booked for speaking

Getting Booked (and getting paid!)

Marketing, Negotiating & Contracting for The Dental Speaker

Do your marketing materials represent you well? What are the most effective speaker marketing methods? Is your honorarium pricing you out of the ballpark?

If you would like to book more speaking engagements (and be compensated fairly for them), don’t miss this informative teleseminar! Vanessa Emerson, Founder of the Directory of Dental Speakers and author of The Dental Speaker e-book, will share tips and lessons learned from her 10+ years experience marketing speakers in the dental industry.

In this teleseminar, learn:
What a speaker packet is and why you need one
The best methods for marketing speaking presentations
Why and how to differentiate your presentations
How to use email marketing to bring results
Strategies for communications with meeting planners
How to set – and when/how to negotiate – honorarium
Working with sponsors
Tips for creating your own agreements
… and much more!

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Branding that Works! for The Dental Speaker

“Your brand resides within the hearts and minds
of your customers and prospects.
It is the sum total of their
experiences and perceptions,
some of which you can influence,
and some that you cannot.”

Have you developed a clearly defined brand for your business? If you are ready to book more speeches, increase sales and bring in more clients, but haven’t yet landed on the brand that’s right for you… listen to this informative teleseminar!

Branding is not just about your logo or color scheme or website. Your brand starts at the CORE of your message and grows from there. Your brand is a promise to your customer. It is a foundational piece of your marketing communication.

Vanessa Emerson, Founder of the Directory of Dental Speakers and author of The Dental Speaker e-Book, will share tips and lessons learned from her 11 years’ experience marketing speakers and consultants in the dental industry.

In this teleseminar, learn:
* Tips for successful branding and marketing in today’s dental speaking and consulting environment.
* Why defining your brand is important
* How to determine the basic framework of your brand
* Where and when to incorporate your brand into your marketing materials
* Steps your colleagues have followed in building their successful brands
* … and much more!

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